Welcome to glory hole Plaza Castilla.


Glory Hole Plaza Castilla closed for moving out of Spain. This is not planned to open it again, neither in Spain nor abroad. Moving is for professional reasons. Relationships with the company owner of the building where the glory hole was located were excellent any time. It was a painful decision for us, economically however it was more interesting stopping this to focus on more annoying professional activities. As most of you know, it is difficult to eat healthy, save money, be honest and having enough to live all of the at the same time. For survival reasons we did not have other choice than going abroad and refocusing. In case that we would come back, it would be without glory hole, in a hotel, for 2 or 3 days per year. We would warn on the Twitter account, the group on kik #ghpcghpc. If you were on the group where the schedule was published every day, you will also receive this information there.

Sorry again, and thank you to each of you for your trust. Thanks for the participation of each of you we get may dicks inside this glory hole, It would have never been possible without each of you. Thanks also for having taken part in this collective adventure. We will never forget it.

Please review this Tweet each time before coming.

Never use the bell and don’t knock either. If you have doubts use whatsapp instead.

Metro station Plaza Castilla
Train station  Chamartin
Bus Station Plaza Castilla
Parking Plaza Castilla in the underground of the building (0,0536€/mn)

Free and without warning.